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Invest in Yourself, You're Worth It!

Posted by Tori Vogt on

Do you ever feel like you do so much for other people, but somehow, you're still not quite getting exactly what YOU want for yourSELF? Ah, yes....that old familiar feeling of waiting, wanting, wishing and hoping that someone, any one of the people you've poured your heart and soul into would wake up one day and say, "What can I do today to make YOUR life easier?" 

Sorry to break the news to you, but that just may not happen. Ever. And it's not because the people you love don't love you. It's just that you are the very best caretaker of self that you'll ever have. After all, who knows you like you? Who knows your secret passions? The things that set  your soul on fire? Your hidden fears?  Or the childhood dreams you've locked away all these years waiting for that one day they'd finally come true?

So, what's a guy or gal to do...? 

Invest in yourself. 

It could just be taking 30 minutes to an hour a day to do something purely and totally just for yourself: a walk in the park, a dance class, guitar lesson, maybe even something wild and wacky like an improv class or a fantasy photo shoot. Heck, it could be just a bubble bath or preparing yourself your favorite meal and serving yourself on "the good dishes" that you only use on special occasions. Or have you ever taken the time to talk with a nutritionist or gotten allergy testing to find out what's making you break out in rashes or sneeze like crazy when you walk into certain places.

You are the best investment you'll ever make, and you're the only one to blame if you're not living your best life. Invest your time and your money back into yourself to learn and grow, whether it's purely for joy or to accomplish a purpose like increasing your value in the marketplace to fund more things that bring you joy. It doesn't take alot to start and to continue, just commit and and keep your commitment to yourself consistently, whether that's daily, weekly or monthly. Very soon, you'll begin to feel the rewards and return on your investment into yourself = happiness.

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