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Posted by Tori Vogt on

Thank you for visiting our online home of Tori Vogt the Author and Bold Breakthru, Inc., www.boldbreakthru.com. We are so glad you are here. 

You were born to win, and that's why we're here. We are here to help you get from "stuck" to "start" and "succeed". When you win, everybody wins!


Why is that, you ask? You were born to bring your unique self, personality, gifts, knowledge and wisdom to the world. The world needs you to show up as your best, healthiest, authentic self, and most of us weren't lucky enough to have perfect beginnings or perfect life situations to automatically be our very best and have the confidence, at the same time, to live our dreams.

Seems like there's always something missing, huh? We say to ourselves, "If only I had..." or "When I....then I can..." not believing that we have, right now, everything we need to "bring it", i.e., operate in our gifts and live the life of our dreams.

Know that you are and you already have everything you need. As my Manifesting MasterClass teacher says, Raychelle LeBlanc says, "Know that you are worthy of the life you choose."

From my heart to yours,


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  • Such an open and honest approach. Thanks for giving us positivity and motivation each and every day!

    V.khryn on

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