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Tori Tyson Vogt, MBA, an award-winning and transformational author, speaker and visionary, is the founder of Bold Breakthru, Inc.


Her book, “You Got This! Letters to My Younger Self” is scheduled to be released July 29, 2019. This book is a collection of reflections that challenge, empower and inspire readers to identify the factors in life that they can control, to experience the life of their dreams, starting today!


As a speaker, Tori is known for her ability to connect with her audiences through her humorous yet compassionate, no-excuses style. She blends her experiences as both a corporate trailblazer and a woman who rose from a trauma-filled childhood and young adulthood to become a serial entrepreneur, chairwoman, mentor and adviser, with a message of hope and practical tools that empower her audiences to transform challenge into championship.

In the corporate world, she has led international teams in transforming software, accounting, banking, transportation, retail and healthcare industries through technology innovation. Not bad for a girl who left home at age 17 with just a dream, a prayer and a high school diploma.

What she learned along the way brings value to her clients and her audiences, bringing them tools to immediately activate progress across their professional and personal lives.

To book Tori to speak at your next event or order bulk copies of her book for your organization, contact her at tori (at) boldbreakthru (dot) com.

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